vendredi 31 décembre 1982

GAME - LP - Gotta Take Your Love

Great Italo album released in 82" on Mr. DISC ORGANIZATION produced by Fio Zanotti and Romano Trevisani (they produce Flowchart!) We find the famous Barbara Ingram and Carla Benson (from the vocal group of the Sweethearts) on background vocals ... and that we also find a little everywhere, lol.  The song "Gotta take Your Love" has prompted me to take this version lp as it is much better than the version on label Maximus, white cover with a title less, the choice was quickly done! Listen to the break on this track, with the madness synth at the end .... Amazing! A bomb ... the rest is superb as the "You Got Me Flying" and "Never Get Enough" !!


C.C. SCHILLING - LP - Space Girl

Ultra rare Lp in demand that I introduce you, released in 82" on PENTHOUSE Records, produced by John Dote. This album will be released again in 83" with another cover pic !
We don't see it often, so take advantage on these samples and enjoy...           


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