mercredi 31 décembre 1980


Nel Oliver is from TOGO but he realised this amazing and rare lp in France on CBS in 1980, produced by Alfie. The writting and music are from Nel Oliver, Olivier Hutman and Patrice Cinelu
Patrice Cinelu is the guitar player and his brother Jean-Jacques Cinelu is the bassist. 
Olivier Hutman is on keyboards. 
Tuly Marquez is on percussions and congas. 
Marc Hazon is the drummer. 
Pierre-jean Gidon on saxophone.
Jocelyn Beroard and Sandra Lacombe are the background vocals.

Yvon Guillard at  the trumpet
Jerome Naulais on trombone.

Very complete and gorgeous album, I personally have a soft spot for the "I Have A Good Job" song, enjoy :


samedi 20 décembre 1980

mardi 2 décembre 1980