mercredi 31 décembre 1986


Here is the famous Reginald Haynes with his only solo album released in 86" on ESCORT Records (his own label which he named and related to the ESCORT band he founded years ago in prison. Incredible history). An album rather love he dedicated to his wife, who would have supported him in all circumstances : A great gift in fact. Album produced by himself, The photo of the cover front is from the book of his wife entitled "I Call Him Reggie,  They Call Him 59746"... it will be understood that it was his No. nut during his incarceration. Photo of the back cover is taken by Samir Id-Deen!
A boogie funk track, entitled "Get Ready To Move", which is also found on 45T (to listen sparingly to precisely appreciate to each listening ) and a very lover track entitled "Oona'o" (the first name of his tender) but defines Reginald's voice personable , I appreciate enormously!)

Listen "Get Ready To Move"

Listen "Oona'o"


Here it is on 45T

Here's the Back Cover 


CHARLENE BELL - LP - Jesus Christ Is Coming Back

Here is Vanessa Bell-Armstrong's sister which released  this gorgeous gospel album in 86" on VICTORY Records produced by Debra L. Mason.
Amazing voice accompanied by her two sisters, Vanessa and Magaret

3 beautiful tracks are inside from... but for me "Jesus Is Coming Back" is my favorite with funky guitar parts ! A Boogie-Gospel tune that i appreciate so much ... 


mardi 30 décembre 1986


Alors voici le second pressage de ce superbe album avec une cover differente (plus colorée, lol, le premier press a une cover en noir et blanc) sorti 1 an apres d'ailleurs, soit en 86" chez BLUE HERON produit par eux-memes, Jake Smith et Ray Miles. On retrouve Bilal M. en lead vocal, le fameux vocal en duo avec Lisa O. aussi sur Blue Heron !!!
J'ai opté pour le second pressage tout simplement car il y figure un morceau qu'on ne trouve pas sur le 1er press !!!!!!! Il s'agit d'une des 3 tueries du lp ... "You've Got To Tell Me" !